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EE, Allianz, and your personal data

So, to cut a very long story short, my girlfiend’s phone got pinched earlier.

Upon phoning the lovely people at EE (she will have you know that they’re not), despite having insurance with Orange for at least 5 years… who, let’s face it, are the same company, are saying she has no insurance on her S4, which she took out when she got it.

Which is interesting, because she’s lived here less than a year, and within a month of her new contract…


“There are no changes to your monthly cost, excess or cover levels.”

Now, if there are no changes to your cover levels, you’re still covered – right? Right…? Nuh-uhhhh. No replacement phone.

What worries me, however, is that EE are now claiming that she’s been sold third party insurance.

I shred EVERYTHING with a name or address on, so our friend Herr Allianz has somehow obtained her details.

I’m an o2 customer, but have never had any correspondence from Allianz. Funny that.

So, EE… what are you upto? mis-selling insurance, re-selling customer data… both? They’ve got her address somehow…

Chinese takeaway!

This is the third time the police had to remove him from the club that evening. Also the last.

Gorgoroth – Destroyer

This is the sort of silliness I get upto while everybody else is asleep.

Mike Tyson’s Black energy drink advert

The fuck…

Plague inc



More Potatoshop crap

Just some more rubbish I’ve photoshopped in the past few weeks that I thought I’d upload.

Section 127 of the Communications Act 2008, April Jones, and 12 weeks in the clink.

Monday was a pretty terrible day for those people who, like myself, like to be able to say pretty much whatever they like on the internet without being locked away for weeks on end. Continue reading “Section 127 of the Communications Act 2008, April Jones, and 12 weeks in the clink.” »

Charge of the snail brigade

Just some crap I made for /r/picrequests.

…as ya do.

Bangin’ on a Trashcan

Call Me Maybe

Via Stu